Live Donuts

“The crowd at The Local 269, a shabby New York City bar on 269 Houston Street, could not have been less interested. The bartender scribbled on his notebook, two older men talked to a woman half their age, and a gaggle of NYU students crowded a booth by the stage. Midterms were distant enough that they could drink on a Sunday. When an ear-splitting free jazz session finally died down, three NYU students put down their drinks took the stage.
“I thought Dilla was just a rapper,” asked a friend of mine who was there by mere coincidence. I began to reply, but the opening riff from “Workinonit” drowned out my voice. Maybe it’s a good thing more hip-hop kids weren’t in the house — one of them would have replied to that statement with the business end of a broken bottle.
The Detroit hip-hop producer passed away on February 10, 2006, but his influence is inescapable in 2010. The fanatical zeal of the Dilla fanbase has resulted in an outpouring of tributes, but few like this.
Stray Phrases is a jazz trio consisting of Storm Siegel on drums, Dave Mainella on piano, and Evan Crane on bass. On Sunday October 17, 2010, they covered J Dilla’s classic instrumental album Donuts from beginning to end. Metal Lungies is proud to bring you a recording of the whole set.”
J Dilla’s Donuts Performed By Stray Phrases by TheSmokingSection
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Paid Dues for Humanity

Unfortunately I wasn't able to make it out to the event because of work, but I am glad to see that people are getting involved. More here
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I've been meaning to write, but it has been hectic. Until that happens here is more jams I've been working too.

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Sands of Time

I'll elaborate more in the morning.

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Old Blue Eyes

Apple Juice Kid has just released another remix album of yet another music legend, Frank Sinatra. Check out the Beautiful Warriors 3 mix with amazing visuals and an even better soundtrack.

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The Sartorialist

I've been following Scott Schumann, aka The Sartorialist, for a while.  I first came across the site about 2 years ago when I was just admiring the fashion on the blog, but now I look back and I admire the photography of it.

The photographs are simple but the subjects are amazing.

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Vans x Supreme

Luke Meier for Vans Syndicate + Supreme.

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2 things.

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Tortured Soul

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